Lauren Aquilina: Time To Say Goodbye

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“Time To Say Goodbye” is the brand new single from Lauren Aquilina.

The song is a cover of Andrea Bocelli‘s massive Hit from 1996 featuring Sarah Brightman.

“Time To Say Goodbye” has also been included in the trailer for the final season of the Tv serie “Dowtown Abbey”.

It is both an honour and a privilege for a young artist to feature on a famous TV show like this.

Lauren Aquilina is a really talented artist who has already released 3 Eps since 2012.

Her rendition of “Time To Say Goodbye” is in the same vain than Gabrielle Aplin‘s cover of “The Power of Love”.

She made a stripped down, slowed down version of Andrea Bocelli‘s Hit.

Her beautiful vocals suit the song perfectly & the melody is mainly played on piano.

“Time To Say Goodbye” was released on the 29th of August 2015.

Lauren Aquilina: Time To Say Goodbye



You can listen to “Time To Say Goodbye” with the following link:

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